Asic MicroBT M21s 50 TH/s Б/У

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Asic MicroBT M21s 50 TH/s Б/У

50 TH/s

Asic MicroBT M21s 50 TH/s Б/У

Hashrate, TH/s
Power consumption

PC is not enough to mine cryptogold any more. Now it’s time for special mining equipment — ASICs. They are focused on algorithms for obtaining cryptocurrencies and provide the most efficient and fast work.

We suggest you pay attention to the ASIC Whatsminer M21s 50 TH/s that allows you to receive Bitcoin.

Technical data

Asic Whatsminer M21s 50 TH/s mines Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash using the SHA-256 algorithm. Developed by MicroBT in 2019. Compared to Whatsminer M10, it gives 34% higher hashrate.

This miner has a durable aluminum case that protects from mechanical damage. Stable operating temperature is maintained by two coolers.

The Asic Whatsminer M21s 50 TH/s is equipped with 12nm chips for stable and active operation of the installation. Has a power supply.


  • Algorithm: SHA-256

  • Performance: 50 TH / s

  • Power: 3100 W

  • Working temperature: 0 ° C to 40 ° C

  • Weight 12.5 kg

  • Cryptocurrencies: Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash

You can more precisely calculate the payback by using the profitability calculator on this page.

How to buy Asic Whatsminer M21s 50 TH/s at Promminer

Please note: this item was in use. However, we have carefully checked it for performance and are confident that it is working properly.

Purchase of such kind of equipment is a great way to save money. 

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