Asic MicroBT M21S 56TH/s Б/У

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Asic MicroBT M21S 56TH/s Б/У

Price on request
56 TH/s

Asic MicroBT M21S 56TH/s Б/У

Hashrate, TH/s
Power consumption
Price on request

MicroBT (Pangolinminer) is a relatively new mining company. It produces powerful ASICs under the Whatsminer brand. It manages to compete well with the largest mining equipment manufacturers Bitmain and Canaan.

Whatsminer M21S 56 TH/s mines Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies that support the SHA-256 algorithm.

Technical data

Asic Whatsminer M21S is a continuation of the M21 series. This model has doubled performance. In addition, the energy efficiency and cost-effectiveness of the device has been improved.

The hashrate of the Whatsminer M21S ASIC is 56 TH/s with a power consumption of 3360 watts. The body is made of high strength aluminium. Two powerful fans provide fast cooling. Powered by a new series of chips from Samsung.


  • Algorithm: SHA-256

  • Weight: 12 kg

  • Power consumption: 3360 W

  • Energy efficiency: 80 J/Th

  • Operating temperature: -5 to 40 °C

  • Noise level: 81 dB

  • Size: 390 x 155 x 240

  • Cryptocurrencies: BTC, BCH

  • Network interface: Ethernet

  • Payback: approximately 6-7 months

Use the profitability calculator on this page to define the payback more precisely.

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All ASICs, both new and used, are covered by the Promminer warranty. A complete check of goods gives us confidence in our products. If you have any questions while using device, we are ready to consult on setting up. Also, you can contact our service center in case of any problems.

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