Asic Innosilicon T3+ 57 TH/s

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Asic Innosilicon T3+ 57 TH/s

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57 TH/s

Asic Innosilicon T3+ 57 TH/s

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Let us introduce you to a bitcoin miner from one of the leading manufacturers of mining equipment Innosilicon. The Asic Innosilicon T3 + 57 TH/S model is designed for mining Bitcoin (BTC) cryptocurrency. The manufacturer is fighting for the best energy efficiency 48W/TH. The 7nm Samsung chips ensure stable operation of the device.

Technical data

The Asic Innosilicon T3 + 57 TH/S has a power saving mode, but the hashrate in this mode is noticeably lower. Therefore, it is better to decide whether to use it or not based on the cost of electricity.

This is a massive ASIC, visually different from most popular models. It looks like two devices are stacked one on top of the other. The power supply is rigidly attached to the side.

The aluminum case protects the equipment from dust and damage. Four powerful fans actively cool the running miner, protecting it from overheating.


  • Algorithm: SHA-256

  • Hashrate: 57TH / S

  • Power consumption: 3300 W

  • Weight: 10.4kg

  • Dimensions: 305x203x278 mm

  • Network connection: Ethernet

  • Power supply: built-in

  • Working temperature: 0-40 ° C

You can calculate the payback with the profitability calculator on this page.

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We are supplying certified mining products. The goods are in stock in our warehouses. The Asic Innosilicon T3 + 57 TH/S is covered by a 180-day warranty from the date of delivery.

All Innosilicon ASICs are factory tested and quality certified. We cooperate with the manufacturer without intermediaries, therefore we guarantee favorable prices for Innosilicon products.

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