Goldshell was founded in 2017. This company is focused on blockchain computing and applications. Headquarters is in Shanghai and additional offices are in Hangzhou, Hong Kong and Singapore.

The main direction of this company is the production and sale of high-performance computing chips. They also provide technical services and application solutions focusing on the latest researches and development.

Goldshell is engaged in many areas of mining: from researching algorithms and creating chips to mass production. They also deliver mining devices to customers.

The main differences from competitors are ease of setup, affordable price, low noise level and reduced power consumption. This helps Goldshell gain a foothold in a market that has already been shared by large companies.

Goldshell ASICs

Goldshell ASICs are designed as simple as possible. This significantly speeds up the preparation time. You just need to plug in the power supply and connect device to the Internet. Mining will start immediately

But you still need a computer for the first turn on. Otherwise, you will not be able to configure IP and connect to the pool. You need to do it just once. After you specify all the settings, they keep up in memory for each next turning on.

Main coins for mining: DOGE, HNS, CKB, KDA.

How to buy miner online

If you have chosen the Goldshell ASIC for mining cryptocurrency, all that remains is to write us. We will provide you with the best equipment from the selected manufacturer.

We have great prices and short delivery times. All devices undergo technical testing and are ready-to- use.

You can find detailed information on each specific model in our catalog. Just follow the link in the device name and you will get technical specifications, power consumption and hashrate. This is enough to calculate the approximate payback of certain ASIC.

If you have any questions, ask our managers by phone. You can call directly or leave your number. We will call you back at a convenient time for you.

We are happy to help you choose the equipment for your needs and budget. The Promminer company is engaged in mining and knows all about this process.

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