Antminer S19j pro 96 th/s

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Antminer S19j pro 96 th/s

96 TH/s

Antminer S19j pro 96 th/s

Hashrate, TH/s
Power consumption

World of cryptocurrencies rapidly evolves and changes. If you want to be on time, you need to constantly develop and increase the capacity of the equipment.

Bitmain shares this opinion. It uses its capabilities to create and continuously improve cryptocurrency mining equipment. Each new model is getting better and faster.

Let us introduce you Antminer S19J PRO 96 TH/S. This ASIC allows you to earn more than with any previous model of this company.

Technical data

Antminer S19J PRO 96 TH/S is the younger model of the S19J line, but it is twice as cool as the previous C17 and T17 lines.

ASIC S19J Pro can mine Bitcoin, PeerCoin, Litecoin Cash and other coins based on the SHA-256 algorithm.

This device has a built-in power supply and 4 coolers. That’s why this equipment can work smoothly for a long time.

This miner can generate income up to $660 per month. The payback period is 10 months..


  • Algorithm: SHA-256

  • Performance: 96 TH/s

  • Power supply: built-in

  • Cooling: 4 fans

  • Weight: 14.2 kg

  • Dimensions: 400x195x290 mm

  • Noise level: 75 dB

  • Power consumption: 3250 W

  • Working temperature: 0-40 degrees Celsius

  • Humidity: 5-95%

  • Cryptocurrencies: BCH and BTS

You can more precisely calculate the payback by using the profitability calculator on this page.

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Thanks to our close cooperation with Bitmain, we are able to offer our customers the best prices for equipment and short delivery times. We provide full support from the warehouse in China to the client's door.

We test all equipment before delivery. Along with that, we give a guarantee and provide service assistance after you purchase equipment.

In the case of any malfunctions, we carry out diagnostics and, if possible, provide assistance on the spot.

If you are in doubt about the choice of a device, our managers will advise and select the equipment for your needs.

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